shows dark, loneliness of jail
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I have been a very big supporter of CTF and what they are trying to achieve. I have been following, helping and using the services that they provide for my own well-being and health. I wanted to show my gratitude for the support I receive from a wonderful support system. I want everyone to know that I am supporter on both sides of the wall [when I’ve been in jail and out of jail]. We need more people like Rachel, and the volunteers, who give a bit of themselves every day to help with moving this Foundation forward. I would like to help push forward some programs and I can’t wait to see the great things that will come. D.C. Age 34, Hamilton-Wentworth Correctional Center, 2020

“I read through the story of the crash & I’m sorry to hear all the physical & mental trauma it caused. I’m thankful that God was with you & that you didn’t go off the cliff or hit that pole at a fateful angle. Your interpretation of the whole ordeal is insightful & the way you think about things reminds me why I have so much respect for you. Through your letters & experiences you really do help me to grow & for that I thank you. Thank you for seeing the potential in me & not giving up on me like so many other have.” A.P. Age 25, Springhill Institution, Nova Scotia, Canada. (Click here to read the story of Rachel’s crash and her interpretation of it)

“You’re a real blessing in my life. To be more real, you’re a blessing in a lot of people’s lives. So keep up the good work with your nonprofit CTF.” R.B. Age 32, C.N.C.C. Penetang, O.N. February 2020.

“I appreciate all your letters and teachings. They really help a lot.” M.M. Age 40, Beaver Creek Institution, Gravenhurst, O.N. March 2020

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“Thank you for the letter you sent to my lawyer back in December. I’m still very interested in volunteering for CTF and making videos of origami projects for youth-at-risk.” M.M Age 40, Beaver Creek Institution, Gravenhurst, O.N. January 2020

“At Community Transformation Foundation (CTF), I have met an extraordinary woman who not only understands but is real, open, and honest, which is a dying breed of today’s world. In CTF I have made wonderful progress because of this woman. Her name is Rachel and I would suggest and advise you to talk with her. You won’t regret it. And if doesn’t make your week, it’ll definitely make your day.” Tristan Robinson, Age 26, Maplehurst Correctional Center, Milton, O.N. 2020

“Rachel has been there for me. She’s been kind and helpful and I hope God blesses her and her family and keep her strong. And I hope all the people she helps give her respect and they should appreciate her help. She is a God-sent. A person of God who God sent to help people in need. There’s a lot of people who haven’t heard of her but God’s going to make ways for them to know her so she can keep helping other inmates.” C.S. Age 29, Central North Correctional Center, Penetang, O.N. 2019

“As an immigration inmate in jail, I try to ask questions [when I call the CTF crisis line]. I find ways of how I can get through my troubles and my stressful times and I ask her for information in regarding my immigration order and she tries to help as much as she can and I appreciate all the help she’s giving me.” C.S. Age 29, St. Lawrence Treatment Center, Brockville, O.N. 2020

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“I came in here and I didn’t know anyone. I met someone on range and he gave me this number. I didn’t have anyone to reach out to. I connected with someone who knew you and you were able to help me out and that’s been a real blessing. Not everyone has people to reach out I think you are a blessing, a gift from God.” C.J. Age 25, Maplehurst Correctional Center, 2019

“There’s not a lot of people who help inmates in jail. With her support, I feel secure, happy, joyful and I have faith and I can always be strong.” C.S. Age 29, Maplehurst Correctional Center, Milton, O.N. 2019

“I was in jail for the first time in my life, coming in when I was 21, not knowing much about the law and things were very stressful. During this time, the mother of my child was arrested, and my family wasn’t very supportive so I felt lonely, hopeless, and felt like I had no reason for living basically. So when a friend in jail told me about Rachel and her dream therapy I began calling and I found it was more therapy in general then just talking about dreams.

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Being able to have someone there to remind me of the reason for living, how life is on the outside, giving me a reason for wanting to live, it meant so much. This gave me a reason for wanting to get out and reminding me that even though people aren’t here for me right now I’m still important to people and still loved. Being able to call and talk to Rachel every day and have someone to talk to just reminded me of how good life is outside of jail. The people in this nonprofit are very helpful. If Rachel is training people then they must be like her. I can see how this nonprofit helps a lot of inmates. A.P, Age 25, Springhill Institution, Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada

“From the first day that I met Rachel it was a very good experience. I appreciate her openness and honesty and the way that she communicated with me it made me feel that I wasn’t talking to a random stranger. It felt like I knew her before we got deeper in our conversations. It was a very warm personal one-on-one conversation. She doesn’t pass no judgement on anybody and she’s willing to talk at any moment. I remember one time I was talking to her on the phone and she was driving. I told her I would call her back but she pulled over so we could talk. Not everyone would do that. They would say they are busy and I personally think the world would be better if we had more people like Rachel. I’m not saying this for any other reason then that she is a God-send. Someone doesn’t know you and they are willing to talk and you build a friendship around it – that person is cool. I really appreciate it. I just hope her organization grows and grows and grows. Richie, Age 36, Central North Correctional Center, Penetang, O.N. 2020 

“I don’t have a celly [cellmate] so I really appreciate having someone to talk to. It takes a stress off my chest. It helps my mind get at ease sometimes because the stuff I talk about with Rachel no one else wants to hear about here.  She gets me in touch with my sister or helps me get through stressful situations with my girl. No one here gives a f*% and Rachel listens to everything and she has an answer for everything and I’m always like “Whoa she did it again.” A.P, Age 27, Maplehurst Correctional Centre, Milton, O.N.  

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