Inmate Support Services

Creating Crime-Free Communities

CTF believes in empowering individuals & families. This is the foundation of a thriving Community.

Our CTF Constitution states that…

  • We provide services FREE OF CHARGE for individuals & families who have come into conflict with the law
  • We run programs for YOUTH-AT-RISK (between ages 15-30) offering counselling, training & opportunities
  • We “leave the judging for the judges” and treat each client with respect, dignity and equality
  • We believe every human being can aspire for transformation & change – inmates have a unique opportunity so we work with that opportunity to support inner growth and positive life choices

CTF Inmate Support Services

Crisis Phone Line

Serving more than a dozen jails from Nova Scotia, to Ontario, and British Columbia

Letter-Writing Campaigns

Volunteers write & receive letters to and from inmates from across Canada. In these letters, we offer encouragement and emotional support. We believe if someone feels connected and hopeful about their life, they will make positive choices for their lives.

19-Day Transformation Program

CTF offers a correspondence course in the 19-Day Transformation Program, which helps inmates & their families identify significant challenges and develop skills & abilities to transform these challenges into positive opportunities for growth.

Visitation Progam

CTF volunteers visit inmates at the jails, offering support & upliftment during the inmates’ darkest times


CTF continues developing new programming & services to meet the needs of our members

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Newspaper Delivery

In 2019, CTF paid for delivery of a daily newspaper to a Toronto jail where many CTF members were on the same range. One inmate said, “I’m very grateful for having this paper because it helps me see what’s going on in the world and not feeling so left out of the loop.”

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Small Business Development

CTF supports small business development, by coaching new entrepreneurs in their initiatives.

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Member Referrals

In 2019, CTF submitted three letters of references to lawyers which were shared with judges for consideration during the inmates’ trial or sentencing. When an inmate does therapy with us through the phone and letter-writing campaign, and they show a genuine change in their attitudes, behaviours or patterns which brought them to jail in the first place, CTF is happy to share that information with relevant parties.

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Book/Author Promotion

We know how hard authors work to complete & publish a book. We support new and local authors by assisting with book promotion and distribution to local venues.

We’ve also been asked to help some folks write their stories…we’ll share more on this new chapter in our organization as it grows!

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Post-Release Counselling

When members are released from jail, they continue to call for support, advise and access to resources to help them get a new start in life.

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House Cleaning Services

When a family member is arrested it can throw the whole household into chaos. CTF knows this and has a cleaning team ready to help! We offer house cleaning services at reasonable rates to help relieve the family of this extra burden.

I was in jail for the first time in my life, coming in when I was 21, not knowing much about the law and things were very stressful…. I felt lonely, hopeless, and felt like I had no reason for living basically. So when a friend in jail told me about Rachel and her dream therapy I began calling…Being able to call [the CTF crisis line] every day and have someone to talk to just reminded me of how good life is outside of jail. The people in this nonprofit are very helpful. I can see how this nonprofit helps a lot of inmates. A. P., Age 23, Springhill, Nova Scotia

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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