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Artist Kayla Butler 2020


CTF supports local artists by providing them a forum for sharing their work. Items can be purchased with the Paypal button, or etransfer, cheque or cash. Message CTF at ourCTF@gmail.com for details.

Author Richard Hastings 2020


CTF supports local authors by distributing their books to local distributors and featuring new fiction & nonfiction items on this site. Books can be purchased through Paypal, etransfer, cheques and cash. Please email ourCTF@gmail.com for details. All proceeds of the sale of these books goes to CTF Community Development initiatives.

Kayla’s Custom’s Creations 2020

Specialty Cakes

CTF supports local artisans, such as Kayla’s Specialty Cakes. You can find more of her cakes on her Facebook page.

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