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One Year Individual Membership

Members have access to discounts on store products and our training programs online and in person. Members gain access to our Community Exchange and can list their small business in our directory. Our member list makes CTF eligible for more grants. Member fees are used directly for supporting programs which are offered for free to clients. We employ minimal staff.


All About CTF Members & Memberships

Thank you for considering becoming a member of the Community Transformation Program (CTF). As a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local economy and social connections we rely on the generosity of our members to keep our vital services running 24/7.

By becoming a member, you’ll directly support our Community Exchange, Dreams For Prisoners, and Peer Support Groups for victims of crime. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits, including discounted products, services, training and workshops.

Together, we can transform lives and create positive change in our communities. Register now to become a member of Community Transformation Foundation where we have Hope For Tomorrow and Give Help For Today!

Programs & Services

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We support & facilitate bartering, trading, exchanging services locally

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Private Online Support Group for Victims of Crime

We run several groups and private Facebook pages to support victims of crime in their healing.

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Dreams For Prisoners

We run a Tranformation program in jails in Ontario.

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Training & Workshops

We train people in transformation, accompaniment and more.

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Sharing With Those in Need

We gather and deliver food & household items so those with extra can share with those in need

Community Transformation Foundation Membership

This is an annual membership. It’s not automatically reactivated annually. You’ll be invited to renew your membership after one year expires from the time of purchase.


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