News From the Board of Directors

The CTF Board of Directors has been meeting weekly for the past three months. Our main goal is finding ways to sustain our ever-increasing transformation programs to inmates & their loved ones across Canada. We’re launching a new multi-level membership package, training new volunteers for our pen pal program, and gradually increasing the number ofContinue reading “News From the Board of Directors”

CTF Now Receiving PayPal Payments

Since our inception in November 2018, CTF crisis phone lines have operated solely from the generous donations from supporters. When we offer a safe place for inmates to work through their issues we are creating a more peaceful environment both inside and outside the jail walls. Every human being has issues and when we workContinue reading “CTF Now Receiving PayPal Payments”

Did You Know We Offer Post-Release Counselling?

At the beginning, it was just me, Rachel, answering calls from inmates from Maplehurst Correctional Center in Milton, Ontario. In fact, Maplehurst is the biggest provincial jail in all of Canada. It houses people who have been charged with a crime but have not been sentenced or they have been sentenced and it is lessContinue reading “Did You Know We Offer Post-Release Counselling?”

We’re making it even easier for our supporters to donate!

If you would like to donate to any of the CTF programs you can do that now by clicking this link. In 2020, we’ve supported victims & perpetrators of crime through a transformation process. We’ve helped with therapy, court preparation, social advocacy, and relationship building. We currently operate three phone lines to jails in Toronto.Continue reading “We’re making it even easier for our supporters to donate!”

Become a Member and Help Reduce Crime

When CTF answers calls to the crisi phoneline or sends encouraging letters through the pen pal or transformation programs we are reducing rates of criminal activity. How is this possible? I’ll tell you by sharing an example. One inmate called the crisis line daily for the full duration of his 6 month bid in aContinue reading “Become a Member and Help Reduce Crime”

It’s Been a While…

Dear friends, members, clients & readers! Back in March 2020, I posted an article about delivering food packages to potential Covid-19 suffers and then shortly afterwards I became ill as well for about three weeks with something doctors said resembled Covid-19 but I was never tested. Back then, tests were reserved for people working onContinue reading “It’s Been a While…”

Helping Society’s Most Vulnerable

Sometimes, when people hear that CTF helps inmates, they seem surprised. Why give attention, resources & time to “criminals”? I’d like to answer that question in this post. Firstly, the inmates who we help are the ones who want help. They are open-minded, positive people who have a lot to offer the world and theyContinue reading “Helping Society’s Most Vulnerable”