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About Richard and his books

Richard Hastings has been doing dream work since 1989 including authoring the book, Dreams for Peace.   He has traveled to the U.S., Canada, South America, and South East Asia doing dream meetings and personal change work. His approach is solution oriented so that the participant is left not only with an analysis of the meaning of the dream, but also a solution. Richard has listened to several thousand dreams since he began.

Dreams For Peace and his other books Dreamwork and The 19-Day Transformation Program are exciting publications about how to find the meaning in your dreams and then take those messages and transform yourself into the person you were always meant to become.   

This books take you through the fundamentals of looking at the world in a more metaphoric manner and then using the metaphors to change everything.  It is a unique approach to dreams that you are not likely to find anywhere else.    

Richard Hastings is an expert dream interpreter and has dealt with people’s dreams from every continent on the planet including over 100 countries. 

He is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.  Richard welcomes inquiries about dreams  without charge by writing to him at  He also has a counseling service online that you can see on his website Dreams For Peace.

All proceeds from the sales of Richard Hastings’ Dreams For Peace and the 19-Day Transformation Program are donated to programs & services operated by Community Transformation Foundation. Click here to learn more about the great work CTF is doing across Canada.



Dreams For Peace

In this book, the author demonstrates through 19 different dreams ho the messages given to us while we are sleeping can be used to unfold new positive potentialities and thus create a more peaceful world.


19-Day Transformation Program

This is a step by step program for inner change. Imagine that you have always felt yourself to be impatient or lazy or shy, that you have not made much progress with your character change. Now see what you would be like if you had a new energy inside like patience or endurance or boldness. Wouldn’t that just be so awesome! It is possible and this program is designed so that you can have that new energy working inside of you. Try this program. It starts on Day 1. Then you can go through each of the 19 change days.


“Richard thank you so so much for my interpretation!! It was very powerful to hear that. I think it’s wonderful that you offer this to everyone. Much love.”


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