Become a Member and Help Reduce Crime

When CTF answers calls to the crisi phoneline or sends encouraging letters through the pen pal or transformation programs we are reducing rates of criminal activity.

How is this possible? I’ll tell you by sharing an example. One inmate called the crisis line daily for the full duration of his 6 month bid in a provincial jail. We did therapy sessions around past trauma, relationship work around his parents and girlfriend, and inner work to build confidence and clarity for a positive future.

When he got out of jail, he went back to school, moved in with family instead of going back to the streets, and he continued connecting with CTF volunteers who gave him support on his journey.

This is how we reduce crime. We are healing trauma. We are strengthening relationships. We are building skills and capacities.

When you become a member you can help your own loved one in jail or help sponsor someone else who is committed to creating positive change in their lives.

When you’d like to sign up as a member you’ll find a variety of options and can choose the one which best suits you and your family. We are working on a we website for our members and will share it here soon. In the meantime if you’d like more information you can send us a message on the contact page me we’ll get back to you with more details soon.

Published by Rachel Perry

Co-founder of CTF Chair of Board of Directors Director of Crisis Phone Line & Transformation Correspondence Volunteer Coordinator

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