It’s Been a While…

Dear friends, members, clients & readers!

Back in March 2020, I posted an article about delivering food packages to potential Covid-19 suffers and then shortly afterwards I became ill as well for about three weeks with something doctors said resembled Covid-19 but I was never tested. Back then, tests were reserved for people working on the front lines, people suffering with severe breathing issues, and seniors. Since I didn’t fall into any of those categories I was instructed by the health specialists to self-isolate for 14 days and go to hospital if symptoms worsened.

At that time, I fell out of the habit of writing daily and I’m really surprised to look back and see the last post was in March. The good news is this – CTF is still operational, even though it has been affected by the pandemic as most organizations have. Here are some highlights of the past nine months:

  • In July we held our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) through Zoom with participants from Ontario and British Columbia
  • At our AGM we elected two new board members, bringing the total to four
  • In September & October we launched a 19-Day Transformation Program in Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Center and we started looking into getting a 1-800 number
  • As of December 2020 we have six phonelines available to a dozen jails in Ontario
  • Throughout 2020 we connected with dozens of inmates & their families to promote transformation and personal growth
  • Richard Hasting’s book Dreams For Peace, which introduces the Dreamwork approach which is now used in jails across Canada, is now available in 5 book stores in the lower mainland, in addition to being available online
  • Some of our clients have been released from jail and have great success stories to share – they’ve gotten married, or are working in a chosen field, have completed their GED (high school) or other training programs, etc.

We are continually in awe of the strength, determination & enthusiasm for the inmates & families we work with. We thank everyone who has donated, volunteered, or contributed in some positive way to CTF clients throughout 2020. Time to put the year behind us and get ready for some new beginnings. You can look forward to more activity on this website, more updates, more information and exciting stories about transformation!

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Published by Rachel Perry

Co-founder of CTF Chair of Board of Directors Director of Crisis Phone Line & Transformation Correspondence Volunteer Coordinator

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