Local Man With Covid-19 Symptoms Recieves Care Package

Vancouver, B.C. – A local man with symptoms of the Covid-19 virus gave a thumbs up sign when he received 10+ bags of groceries donated today by nearby community members.

Three families contributed about $200 worth of fresh fruits & veggies, essentials like breads, and meats, as well as items for breakfasts and dinners. All three families are members of the Baha’i Community, near Vancouver, B.C., and the volunteer driver works with the Community Transformation Foundation outreach programs. This was the second week in a row of food deliveries for this household.

This gentleman is not alone during his struggles right now. As the whole world braces for the uncertainty of this virus, connecting with community couldn’t be more important. Actions such as this remind us that amidst a time of physical distancing there can be a lot of social cohesion & togetherness. Before our food packages came, this man said he had run out of food. I strongly believe no one should ever know the suffering of being hungry and not have a meal to eat. For this reason, I am filled with so much gratitude to the volunteers and families who reached out during a time of need and demonstrated that even in a time of social-isolation we truly are not alone.

Published by Rachel Perry

Co-founder of CTF Chair of Board of Directors Director of Crisis Phone Line & Transformation Correspondence Volunteer Coordinator

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